Proper Props

Do we bring props? We sure do! Our new All Inclusive Pricing (click here to see) has Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. bringing our awesome props to every event! We believe that props are a proper part of the photo booth experience. We want everybody to have an amazing time in our photo booth so we have mustaches, glasses, chalk quote bubbles, super fun masks with us for you and your guests.  

The internet was made for Dog and Cat pics!

We here at Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. know very well if you want people to like things on the internet all you really need to do is show them a photos of your cute pets. Seeing how we have the best open air photo booth right at our fingertips along with a selection of awesome backdrops it was a no brainer to have a sitting with our cat Bubba and our beloved pug Johnny Cash. See for yourself how our photo booth creates high quality images with professional lighting and a hi end dslr camera. Oh, and look how cool our pets are!

Horsing around with Backdrops

Recently we pulled out all of our backdrop options and did a little horsing around to show what they all look like in action with our open air photo booth. We used a few of our props and basically had an awesome time with our photo booth. That's what it's all about, having fun and making memories. Another cool thing is that with Cloud Cap Photobooth Co.'s new "All Inclusive" pricing you can have your choice of any of these backdrops at your party, wedding, or your corporate event! Oh, and the horse mask will be there so you can do a little horsing around too! 

Yes, our Booth is perfect for Kids too!


Yes, our Booth is perfect for Kids too!

Having a bar mitzvah, a bat mitzvah, a sweet sixteen, a quinceañera or a graduation party? Whatever the occasion, Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. is the perfect addition! 

A photo booth is a great way to create a lasting memory of this significant occasion. Our customized, professional, and instant prints are a wonderful memento to keep for years to come. Instagram selfies last a day or two, prints last forever! Plus, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Grandma or Aunt Betty get crazy with our awesome selection of props! That’s a memory everyone is going to want printed to hang on the fridge!

If sharing on social media is what you want, no problem. All of our images are posted to a gallery on our Facebook page,  for easy sharing. We also bring along a dedicated iPad just for texting the images to your phones right way so you can share your photo booth photos on instagram, snapchat, facebook, or whatever new social media app comes out next week!

Everyone puts on their best face, amazing outfits and unleashes their biggest smiles during these special occasions and we capture it all with high quality professional lighting so your guests look exceptional! 

So, let’s get the party started! 


So this is us...

We have been wanting to do this post for a while. Now that we have these pictures it is so clear how mementos can evoke so much emotion. 

Looking at these photos I simply fell in love again with the moments we would look forward to when we went to Salisbury beach. These moments that made us laugh and pose even if we felt awkward at first or happy about winning a prize! I was able to look at the way my daughter's face changed and got misty eyed. I love that I can see how Me and Josh grew up in each other's presence. I love how each moment shows a snap shot of our love and the love we have for our family. I even think I'm gonna get bangs again! 

I've always been a fan of photobooths. They allow space for laughter, freedom, and creativity! Clearly you can see the fun we had!

Let us at Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. capture your moments of joy and wonderment or even some awkward seconds before you feel comfortable in front of the won't take but a second to feel at ease and ready to smile big!

Life is so awesome and it goes by really fast! Make sure you capture every moment you can and make the most of them!


"if i could make days last forever

if words could make wishes come true

i'd save everyday like a treasure and then,

again, i would spend them with you"

Jim Croce

What's in a name?

Mount Hood from Cloud Cap

What’s in a name? We’ve all heard or asked that question a few times in our lives. If you look up “what’s in a name” you’ll discover it’s a proverb meaning: The name of a thing does not matter as much as the quality of a thing.  This is very appropriate in how we came up with the name Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. for our photobooth service. 


Cloud Cap is a location along the Timberline Trail on Mount Hood, Oregon. While visiting the area for our friend’s wedding we journeyed up to the Cloud Cap Inn, at an elevation of six thousand feet and took in the majestic Mount Hood. The captivating views and enticing wilderness area brought out an emotional connection that was indescribable. That powerful moment was captured in the photo above and inspired an intrinsic movement to be the best, do the best, and have the best. That is when we made the decision to create Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. 


Similar to our adventure on the mountain experiencing Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. will bring about a great time, fun experience, and a sense of connection with those around you. Plus, you’ll receive a professionally printed memento to relive your experience over and over again!