We have been wanting to do this post for a while. Now that we have these pictures it is so clear how mementos can evoke so much emotion. 

Looking at these photos I simply fell in love again with the moments we would look forward to when we went to Salisbury beach. These moments that made us laugh and pose even if we felt awkward at first or happy about winning a prize! I was able to look at the way my daughter's face changed and got misty eyed. I love that I can see how Me and Josh grew up in each other's presence. I love how each moment shows a snap shot of our love and the love we have for our family. I even think I'm gonna get bangs again! 

I've always been a fan of photobooths. They allow space for laughter, freedom, and creativity! Clearly you can see the fun we had!

Let us at Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. capture your moments of joy and wonderment or even some awkward seconds before you feel comfortable in front of the camera...it won't take but a second to feel at ease and ready to smile big!

Life is so awesome and it goes by really fast! Make sure you capture every moment you can and make the most of them!


"if i could make days last forever

if words could make wishes come true

i'd save everyday like a treasure and then,

again, i would spend them with you"

Jim Croce