Mount Hood from Cloud Cap

What’s in a name? We’ve all heard or asked that question a few times in our lives. If you look up “what’s in a name” you’ll discover it’s a proverb meaning: The name of a thing does not matter as much as the quality of a thing.  This is very appropriate in how we came up with the name Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. for our photobooth service. 


Cloud Cap is a location along the Timberline Trail on Mount Hood, Oregon. While visiting the area for our friend’s wedding we journeyed up to the Cloud Cap Inn, at an elevation of six thousand feet and took in the majestic Mount Hood. The captivating views and enticing wilderness area brought out an emotional connection that was indescribable. That powerful moment was captured in the photo above and inspired an intrinsic movement to be the best, do the best, and have the best. That is when we made the decision to create Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. 


Similar to our adventure on the mountain experiencing Cloud Cap Photobooth Co. will bring about a great time, fun experience, and a sense of connection with those around you. Plus, you’ll receive a professionally printed memento to relive your experience over and over again!